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First impressions count, and this saying especially applies to properties for sale on the market. If you’re concerned about how the look of your property might deter potential buyers from making a bid, using professional property staging services is highly recommended. This involves placing carefully chosen and positioned furniture and decor to make a house look as presentable as possible when it goes on the market.

Kerr Events is a property and corporate event staging company in Melbourne that provides professional interior staging services for properties across Australia. Our Melbourne property stylists have a passion for both real estate and design and have years of experience dressing up properties for private sellers, property developers, real estate agents and other types of clients. Whether you’re based in Perth, Brisbane, Wollongong, Sydney, Adelaide or elsewhere, we can help all sorts of clients in any location. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Property Staging Decor Hire Service

Kerr Events has an extensive range of household décor that clients can hire from us to decorate their property and prepare it for sale. We can supply you with household items such as furniture, artwork, mirrors, bed linen and accessories that we can also position in a way that will complement your property and make it look more attractive to prospective buyers.

Our Melbourne property stylists can travel to any location in the country to visit your property and determine what is needed. After this, we’ll devise a carefully thought-out plan that will make the property look its very best by determining what types of décor will blend in seamlessly and convey a great atmosphere. Once your property has been sold, we’ll collect these items back at a time that’s convenient for you.

Reasons to Use Our Property Staging Services

Expert Advice & Assistance

You can benefit from expert advice and assistance when you choose our Melbourne property stylists, helping you to transform your property into an attractive and inviting space that potential buyers will instantly become interested in purchasing. Our team has years of experience providing interior staging services and can give clients advice at any time regarding what décor to use, how to position it, and anything else that will improve the chances of the property getting sold.

Property Can be Sold Sooner

By using interior staging services, property owners can significantly reduce how long their property will be on the market before it’s sold. Homeowners can potentially sell their property and move to their new home much sooner.

Enhanced Perceived Value

Using professional property staging services can increase the perceived value of your property. Our experienced Melbourne property stylists can transform your property by making it look more stylish and inviting. Our aim is to make potential buyers see themselves living there so they’ll possibly make higher offers.

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If you’re looking for a property staging company in Melbourne or elsewhere in Australia that can help you sell your property, call Kerr Events on 0423 358 244 or contact us online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Staged properties often sell for much higher prices and also sell much sooner than properties that don’t have staging done, making using interior staging services well worthwhile. Property owners can maximise how much money they make at sale while ensuing their property won’t sit on the market for any longer than it should.

Yes, staged homes do tend to sell faster than non-staged homes. Every room in a house will be setup in a way that will be eye-catching and wow potential buyers.

Staged homes typically sell for a higher price than non-staged homes, as staged homes look far more appealing. This will make more potential buyers place bids and ultimately achieve a higher selling price compared to homes that don’t use property staging services.

Yes, in addition to assisting with property staging, Kerr Events can also help clients with corporate property refits. Please call us today to make an enquiry.

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