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Bridal Shower Party Planners in Australia

Brides should be able to relax and enjoy the lead up to their special day with their best friends at their side, and the bridal shower party planners at Kerr Events can help them achieve just that. We take all the stress and legwork out of planning and running the bride’s memorable day so she can get pampered while celebrating with her family and friends.

Kerr Events’ expert team of pre-wedding event planners have many years of experience in organising all sorts of bridal shower parties. We’ll work with you to make sure that your bridal shower goes according to plan, planning every little detail from the décor and floral arrangements through to the table settings, menu and anything else needed on the day. Whether you want to plan a small intimate gathering with close friends or a huge celebration with a large group, Kerr Events can accommodate any request and plan bridal showers of any size and style.

Bridal Shower Decoration for Hire

If the bridal shower party will be taking place in one location, decorating it is essential! Kerr Events can provide bridal shower decoration for hire that will make the room really pop, such as photo backdrops, photo props, table tassels, paper confetti, balloons and much more. All of our bridal shower party planners are experts when it comes to setting up for bridal showers. Our impressive attention to detail will ensure the setup looks fantastic.

Bridal Shower Ideas We Recommend

Wine Tasting

Our team of pre-wedding event planners can organise a wine tasting session with an expert sommelier who can teach everyone about different types of wines, what to look out for when tasting them, and which foods each wine should be paired with. There are various wine tasting options available that we can book for you, giving the bride a fun way to celebrate her upcoming wedding with the girls.

Afternoon Tea Party

A kitchen tea is a highly recommended option for brides that prefer a low-key bridal shower. It’s also suitable for women of all ages, including older relatives like mothers and grandmothers. Our pre-wedding event planners can organise all the catering required, including beverages like tea and coffees as well as treats such as cakes, cupcakes, scones, sandwiches, hors d’oeuvres, biscuits and savoury finger foods.


If the bride loves to sing, then she’ll absolutely love doing some karaoke for her bridal shower. Our pre-wedding event planners can set up a karaoke machine and a stereo system at the bride’s home or other chosen venue, or even book a private room at a karaoke bar for an occasion to remember.

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If you need someone to help organise your upcoming bridal shower, or if you’re looking for bridal shower decoration for hire, Kerr Events can help you make your party a success. Call us today on 0423 358 244 or contact us online to book our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, it isn’t. A bridal shower is a family-friendly type of gathering that usually takes place during the daytime, where the bride’s female friends and relatives join her to celebrate her upcoming wedding, give her gifts and play some fun games. A hens party, on the other hand, usually takes place at nighttime and typically involves going out to bars and nightclubs to drink alcohol and party.

Kerr Events can help clients anywhere in Australia to plan every detail of a bridal shower and make the overall process of getting everything done far easier. Although a friend or relative of the bride would still be hosting the bridal shower, our bridal shower party planners will help with organising all the food, entertainment, décor and everything else required.

A bridal shower can be as casual or formal as the bride wants it to be. The invitations should specify what the dress code is, but if they don’t, guests should wear an elegant outfit.

Bridal showers are usually held about one to three months prior to the wedding taking place. The date should be settled on well in advance so that both the venue and the catering can be booked and the invitations can be sent out on time. You should speak with the bride to determine what date and time suits her best.

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