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Gender Reveal Event Planner in Australia

Gender reveal parties give expecting parents a fun way to let their friends and family know the gender of their baby, as well as finding out for themselves! If you and your partner don’t know how to go about hosting a gender reveal, Kerr Events can help.

Kerr Events has been entrusted by parents all over Australia to help them announce the sex of their baby in an exciting way and celebrate it accordingly. Our gender reveal event planner understands what a special moment it is for our clients and will do everything possible to make the day as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

We’re available to assist with gender reveal events coordination across Australia and can help set up your event in any location you want. Whether you want to host it in your backyard or you need our assistance in finding a suitable venue, we can help.

Gender Reveal Decoration for Hire

Soon-to-be parents that are planning a gender reveal party can count on our gender reveal event planner to provide the decorations and supplies they need without spoiling the gender of the child. We can speak with your medical practitioner, family or friends to choose the right colour for the gender reveal decorations to make the reveal pop on the day. We can supply you with any type of gender reveal decoration for hire to suit the reveal of either a baby boy or girl, including themed balloons, streamers, confetti, banners, backdrops and much more. With our extensive range of options that are perfect for any kind of gender reveal party, parents can find exactly what they want when they come to us.

Gender Reveal Ideas We Recommend


Cakes play a key role in parties, and gender reveal parties are no different. One of the most popular ways to do a gender reveal is by cutting open a cake that has either blue or pink icing within that will tell everyone if the baby is going to be a boy or girl. Kerr Events can help you find the right cake that will make everyone’s jaw drop.


Confetti is a vibrant and colourful addition to any party, and it can also be used to tell people if a child will be a girl or boy. Our gender reveal event planner can supply you with blue or pink confetti that can be placed inside poppable balloons or shot out from a cannon or party popper, revealing to everyone in a dramatic fashion what the baby’s sex is.


Releasing coloured smoke out into the air is an exciting way for parents to reveal whether they’re having a baby boy or girl. Kerr Events can supply you with a non-toxic and water-soluble powder that can be used to emit colourful and safe smoke. Not only does using smoke create a great photo opportunity, but it will also be a moment everyone will remember.

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Kerr Events has years of experience in gender reveal events coordination and can help to make your gender reveal party a huge success. To enquire about our services, call us now on 0423 358 244 or contact us online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ideally, a gender reveal party should take place during the second trimester or around the 20-week mark of a pregnancy. Parents that contact our gender reveal event planner early will have more time to plan out a great party without rushing things.

Parents can see a doctor to get an ultrasound that will determine the sex of the child. The doctor can write down what the sex is and place it within an envelope or disclose this information to a chosen friend or relative that will help with organising the party. This will ensure that the parents won’t know what the sex is until the big day.

Most couples choose to have their gender reveal at home. If your household is for some reason an unsuitable place to have a party due to it being too small or not having a backyard, our gender reveal event planner can help you find a suitable venue for your party.

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