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High Gloss Black Dance Floor Hire

Dark and stylish, a high gloss black dance floor is a polished and exquisite type of flooring with an impressive shine finish that gives off a black mirrored effect. This not only enhances the appearance of any room, but can also be used by a large number of guests to dance on during special occasions.

Kerr Events is a leading provider of black gloss dance floor hire in Melbourne as well as Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart and other cities and towns across Australia. We can help our clients not only celebrate the reason for their special occasion, but also make a strong impression with a sleek and versatile high gloss black dance floor they can hire from us at a great price.

It’s very common to see a high gloss black dance floor at venues where weddings, corporate events, birthday parties and other events are held, as they reflect light excellently and give the room a polished and glamorous appearance. Every high gloss black dance floor that Kerr Events offers is designed to make both the room and the event shine, encouraging guests to dance the night away.

Our Black Dance Floor Hire Services

Wedding Black Dance Floor Hire

When it comes to weddings, everything counts, but the floor that the couple and their guests dance on should look immaculate. One of the main traditions of any wedding is seeing the newlywed couple have their first dance as a married couple, and this shouldn’t be spoiled by using a sub-par floor. The moment can be greatly enhanced with a black gloss dance floor from Kerr Events, helping to make the couple’s special dance truly unforgettable.

Birthday Party Black Dance Floor Hire

Some clients want to celebrate their birthday in style and create a sense of elegance that will truly make the day special, especially if it’s a milestone birthday where the birthday boy or girl will be starting a new chapter in their lives. Kerr Events offers black gloss dance floor hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond that’s perfect if you want a beautiful black gloss floor that will look stunning. Our options are sure to emphasise to everyone what a special occasion this is, helping to ensure they have a great time on the dance floor.

Corporate Event Black Dance Floor Hire

Anyone business owners that want to throw their staff an elegant end of year party or a party to celebrate a major milestone in the company’s success should consider hiring a high gloss black dance floor from Kerr Events. We have years of experience in planning corporate functions and know how important having an attractive looking dance floor is to make the party kick off. Your employees will be delighted at how great the party is, and any clients you invite to your event are sure to be impressed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of hiring a floor from us is determined by how many flooring tiles are needed, the venue, setup requirements and any other factors that arise. No matter what your needs are, you can rest assured that Kerr Events offers affordable black gloss dance floor hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and elsewhere in Australia.

Every venue is different, so the answer to this question will ultimately depend on the venue and how big the most suitable space for setting up a dance floor is, as well as the number of guests that will be attending. In any case, Kerr Events offers high gloss black dance floor options in multiple sizes and can recommend an option that will best suit your needs.

Kerr Events offers black gloss dance floor hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Darwin and many other locations across Australia. No matter where you are, we can help you!

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