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Dance Floor Hire in Melbourne & Australia

If you’re throwing a party and want your guests to get up and dance, you’ll of course need a dance floor so they can strut their stuff with their dance moves. Keeping your guests entertained is crucial for any party, and setting up a space for them to dance is a must.

At Kerr Events, we take great pride in supplying the dance floor Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth clients need to make their event a huge success, as well as providing dance floors for other locations across Australia. With countless dance floor options to choose from, we can supply our customers with the perfect dance floor base for hire for any kind of event they’re celebrating.

Kerr Events offers a huge selection of temporary dance floors for hire in both classic and modern styles, as well as various colours and designs, meaning we’re sure to have a flooring option that perfectly encapsulates the vibe, look and theme of your party. Not only do all of our options look fantastic, but they’re also very safe for your guests to dance on due to being made from shock absorbent and slip resistant materials. No matter what atmosphere you wish to create or if the party is indoors or outdoors, we can offer you a great dance floor base for hire at a reasonable price.

Our Dance Floor Hire Options

Indoor Dance Floor Hire

Kerr Events can supply customers across Australia with a dance floor base for hire that’s suitable for indoor spaces. These are designed to be placed on the perfectly level surfaces found indoors, can be easily interlocked together, and are highly recommended for events taking place indoors, such as weddings, corporate events and other occasions.

Outdoor Dance Floor Hire

If you’re planning a party that will be mostly or entirely in an outdoor space, Kerr Events can offer you a dance floor base for hire that’s made to for outdoor environments. Our outdoor dance floor options are made from durable interlocking panels that are easy to install and made to withstand the elements, ensuring they’ll remain safe for your guests to stand and dance on at all times.

Our Dance Floor Hire Services

Birthday Party Dance Floor Hire

Anyone with a milestone birthday coming up will naturally want to celebrate it in style, meaning they’ll need a good dance floor to get their guests in the mood to party! Kerr Events can provide a portable dance floor to Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra clients, as well as clients in other parts of Australia. We can supply the perfect dance floor to keep your guests entertained and help make your birthday extra special.

Wedding Dance Floor Hire

Kerr Events offers affordable wedding dance floor hire in Melbourne and across Australia. We understand that a wedding is one of the biggest days in a person’s life, and we therefore do everything possible to ensure that it’s a huge success. We make sure that the dance floor you hire from us looks gorgeous, matches the chosen reception venue and looks enticing to your guests. We ensure every wedding dance floor complements the couple when they have their first dance, helping to make the moment truly magical.

Corporate Event Dance Floor Hire

If you want the corporate event you’re hosting to really make an impression, you should consider a dance floor from Kerr Events. Hiring a dance floor from us is a great option for end of year parties, allowing you to treat your employees for all their hard work throughout the year. Our dance floors are also ideal for other types of corporate functions where you want to impress clients and other types of guests.

School Formal Dance Floor Hire

School formals are a time for students to celebrate the end of their school years and the beginning of the next chapter in their lives. Kerr Events can supply a suitable dance floor in Melbourne and other locations across Australia to ensure all pupils have a great time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This will depend on what size floor you want, what type of material the floor is made from, the setup requirements and other factors. Please contact Kerr Events to get an accurate quote for your upcoming event.

If you need a dance floor base for hire in a particular size, Kerr Events can accommodate your needs. We have options in rectangular and square shapes, with multiple size options available to cater for both small and large events. Please call us to learn about the different dance floor size options we can offer you.

This will depend on how many guests you plan on inviting to your event and therefore how much space is needed for them to dance at the same time. After we speak to you about the number of guests that will be attending, we can help calculate the area required to set up a dance floor.

Kerr Events offers party, corporate event and wedding dance floor hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and elsewhere in Australia.

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