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Multicultural Wedding Planner

Many couples wish to get married in the tradition of their ancestors or at least have elements of their culture’s wedding traditions be present. Some cultures have unique ways of celebrating weddings that need to be taken into consideration, as well as cultural customs and laws that must be followed to legitimise the union.

If you’ve been looking for an experienced multicultural wedding planner who will take all your cultural requirements into consideration, you can rely on Kerr Events. Our Melbourne based event planning company can organise multicultural weddings right across Australia.

Every cultural wedding planner in our organisation understands how important traditions and customs are and will do everything possible to accommodate all your requirements and plan the wedding you’ve always dreamed of. We can plan everything from a wedding officiant that can perform the ceremony through to a band that plays the music of your culture, a suitable venue, and everything else you need done to incorporate your heritage into your wedding ceremony. With our help, you and your partner, your families and your guests will remember your wedding for many years to come.

Mixed Culture Wedding Planning

Australia is a multicultural country, and as such, multicultural weddings that factor in the traditions of both partners have become more common. If you and your partner are planning a wedding that will blend your respective cultures together, our experienced multicultural wedding planner can help to make this difficult process far easier.

Kerr Events has helped couples across Australia to plan a wedding that seamlessly incorporates the customs and traditions of both their cultures. Our cultural wedding planner will treat both traditions with the utmost respect, working closely with you to carefully blend the wedding traditions of both cultures without neglecting any aspect.

Cultural Wedding Decoration for Hire

Are you planning to have your wedding in Australia, but still want it to have the feel of your culture’s type of wedding? Kerr Events is a cultural wedding planner you can turn to for high-quality and aesthetically pleasing decorations based on your culture’s traditions. We offer every type of cultural wedding decoration for hire to help infuse your culture seamlessly. We can use our decorative expertise to recommend suitable decorations in any aesthetic design you wish, making it easy to create the sense of ambience you want without breaking the budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Planning any type of wedding is a huge endeavour, but planning a wedding that needs to take one or more cultures or wedding traditions into account can be even more stressful and time consuming. A multicultural wedding planner will know how to take your traditions into consideration so your wedding is a success.

Kerr Events is available to assist couples based all over Australia from any cultural background to plan their upcoming wedding.

Kerr Events can plan multicultural weddings of any size in any part of the country. From small intimate weddings to large celebrations, we can plan and manage weddings of any size.

Our prices are based on the size of your ceremony, the selected venue, whether you require any cultural wedding decoration for hire, and other factors that need to be followed to accommodate both you and your partner’s respective cultural wedding traditions. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and get an accurate quote.

It can be incredibly hard to organise a wedding that needs to fulfil the needs of a specific culture, or two cultures if the couple are from different cultural backgrounds. Many couples find it too hard to plan a wedding themselves that suits both their partner’s traditions as well as their own. This is why hiring a professional cultural wedding planner is highly recommended.

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