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Couples that decide to tie the knot naturally want to walk down the aisle and celebrate their union in style. However, there are many details that must be taken into consideration, such as the food, the music, the decorations, the entertainment, the table arrangements, and all of the other small details that go into making your day extra special. A wedding is one of the biggest days in any couple’s life, and as such, a lot of work is involved in making it all happen.

This is where Kerr Events comes in. Our professional wedding planner works across Australia and can help couples organise all the details of their big day so they can realise their dream wedding. We know how difficult and overwhelming it can be to plan out an entire wedding by yourself, which is why our services are highly recommended. Our expert wedding event planner will work closely with you to plan a wedding that shows off your personalities while including all the elements you desire.

Couples that put their trust in our friendly and knowledgeable wedding event planner are guaranteed to get the perfect wedding for them, with everything tailored to suit your needs. We can take care of everything from finding the right venue through to sourcing great decorations and setting them up and liaising with caterers, entertainers and other people involved with your big day, making sure your wedding will be a day you, your partner and all your family and friends will never forget.

Wedding Decoration Hire

If you need any assistance with decorating the venue you’re having your wedding at, the wedding party stylists at Kerr Events can get all the hard work done for you. We know how important it is to ensure your wedding ceremony and reception venues are decorated properly so they impress all of your guests. We offer affordable wedding decoration hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and beyond, helping our clients to save money on decorations without having to pay any more than they have to in order to fulfil the particular style or theme they have in mind for their special day.

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If you want to speak to a professional wedding planner who has experience planning weddings for couples all over Australia, get in touch with Kerr Events today. Feel free to call us on 0423 358 244 or contact us online to book our nationwide services.

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Couples that are trying to plan every part of their upcoming wedding day by themselves will soon realise what a huge task it is and how time consuming and stressful it can be. By hiring a professional wedding planner to sort all this out for you, you’ll have a lot of weight lifted off your shoulders as well as more time to focus on other wedding related matters.

This will ultimately depend on how many decorations you choose to hire from us and your location. We can guarantee that there will be no hidden costs involved, with all prices explained clearly. No matter what your décor needs are, you can come to Kerr Events for affordable wedding decoration hire in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and beyond.

We provide our services right across Australia. No matter if you and your partner are based in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin or elsewhere, our wedding event planner is available to help you, taking care of all of the logistics of organising your wedding day to ensure it’s a huge success.

Each wedding is unique, and therefore the final cost of planning your wedding day will be determined by the work involved and what your exact requirements are. After you speak to our wedding event planner on the phone, we’ll have a much clearer idea of what you want your wedding to be like and what the scope of your wedding is, allowing us to offer a quote for our services.

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